Tellsunoco – Win a Suprising Gift Card – Sunoco Survey

Tellsunoco – The brand’s name is TellSunoco. There may be a freebie at the end of the survey. The organisation uses customer satisfaction surveys to hone down on its target demographic.


Tellsunoco – Win a Suprising Gift Card – Sunoco Survey

The study’s overarching objective is to help Sunoco better serve its consumers by learning from their comments and suggestions. Visitors to who take part in the survey will automatically be entered into the Sunoco Sweepstakes.

The purpose of the TellSunoco survey is to find out how satisfied you are with Sunoco as a customer. There are no requirements for participation in the Sunoco survey 2022. Although the Sunoco survey is short, you should still set aside some time to do it.

Sunoco suggests that anybody curious have a look at their website, If it isn’t already shown, a drop-down choice with available languages will appear once you click Next.

The next step is to fill out the Sunoco receipt by writing in the total cost of your transaction, the date of your visit, and any other pertinent information.

How to Complete a Survey?

The next step is to enter the 10-digit number shown on the store receipt. Upon clicking the “start screen,” your survey will immediately begin being evaluated.

Recent purchases made at Sunoco will be the focus of the survey’s questions. You’ll be asked to rate their customer service skills as well. A discount code will be sent to you when you complete out the form. You will be requested to finish the Sunoco survey and submit your answers at this point.

You will then be emailed a validation code; keep this number secure. You have 30 days from the time you get a promotional code to use it. Keep in mind that your performance review will focus on how well your answers display your knowledge about Sunoco and your time spent working there.


Gains and Honours

  • If you take the time to fill out Sunoco’s customer survey, you may win a $100 Unexpected Gift Card.

Rules and Regulation Of Tellsunoco Survey

  • You must be above the age of 18 to take part.
  • In order to maintain a level playing field, each survey ID may only be used once.
  • Letters will be sent to the winners.
  • Prizes are not exchangeable for cash or other items.
  • No workers or labour unions will send a representative.
  • Your most current Sunoco bill is available here.
  • This task requires access to the internet through a computer or mobile device.
  • You need to be fluent in either English or Spanish.

About TellSunoco Survey

Founded in the USA in 1886, TellSunoco is a public limited business that operates via a series of partnerships. In business as a distributor of petroleum products, its headquarters may be found in Dallas, Texas.

Power Transmission Partners manages and operates the approximately 7,300 gas stations under the Sunoco brand name on behalf of independent third parties.

The corporation known as Sun Company Inc. first suggested the collaboration. The chemical, retail, and refining sectors all worked together with the organisation. All of them failed, however, and finally became extinct.



The Sunoco survey may be accessed at We will gradually break down the survey process into more digestible chunks if the first concept seems too overwhelming.

If you stick as closely as possible to the rules, you shouldn’t have any problems. Feel free to ask questions or request explanations in the space provided below. When you assist me, it means a lot to me.

Tellsunoco FAQs

  • Do I need any prior knowledge of the survey to take part?

Answer – The following are requirements for participation in this survey that must be met by all respondents:

  1. All contestants must be at least 18 years old and permanent residents of a state with a SUNOCO Factory shop.
  2. Possessing fluency in more than one language, particularly Japanese, French, Spanish, and Italian, is an asset.
  3. In order to take part in the survey, you must have access to the internet through a computer or mobile device, either by cellular data or Wi-Fi.
  4. A receipt from a local SUNOCO shop is needed as proof of purchase.
  • So, what exactly is this “survey gateway” that everyone seems to be talking about?

Answer – To respond, please go to Sunoco’s Customer Survey link is available there.

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