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They want to know how satisfied their customers are with the services and upkeep they provide. Mister Car Wash will be able to improve the quality of its products, services, and the ecosystem around them by gathering all of this data. 

Because of this, you may help your well-known Mister Car Wash increase its profits. In addition, you have the chance to win a $100 Mister Car Wash gift card. To save money on your next visit to the Service Center, bring these Mister Car Wash Coupons with you. 

How to take the Tellmister Survey

Visit to participate in the Mister Car Wash customer satisfaction survey.

A receipt or an invoice will be presented at this point in the Mister Car Wash survey.

Click the button given to begin the survey.

Choosing a receipt (or an invoice) and submitting the necessary information are the only requirements for entering the Mister Car Wash contest.

To get started, hit the “Start” button.

When your Mister Car Wash survey has been started, you may begin submitting your feedback to the establishment.

You’ll be asked a few follow-up questions once you’ve completed the part in which you may grade the experience.

All questions should be answered correctly and truthfully, so please do so.

Please update your contact information to include your proper email address and phone number if you haven’t already.

To enter the Mister Car Wash contest, complete the survey and submit it on its whole. You’ll earn one entry for the every-ended question.

Tellmister Survey Benefits and Rewards

Getting feedback from customers is something that every company strives to achieve. Mister Car Wash has used a similar approach, which has allowed its customers to participate in competitions to get their input. After completing the Mister Car Wash Guest Survey, you will be immediately included in the prize drawing.

Participating in this survey contest might win a $100 gift card. This promo code may be used to save money on car wash services at Mister Car Wash. As a Mister Car Wash client, you have 30 days from now to receive your prize.

Terms and Conditions or Tellmister Survey

To be eligible, you must be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident of the District of Columbia.

At least 18 years old or, if they live in a state or province where the age of majority is 18, participants are eligible to participate.

Neither Mister Car Wash nor the sponsoring organization’s employees or directors are eligible to win the contest prize.

Because of this, the $100 gift card isn’t open to family members of sponsors or Mister Car Wash employees.

According to the Mister Car Wash poll, it is necessary to adhere to all relevant laws and regulations at every level of government.

It is up to the winner of each prize to pay all relevant taxes on the $100 gift card they get.

The sweepstakes’ winner must prove their identity to collect their prize.

About Tellmister Survey

The first Mister Car Wash opened in 1969 in Houston, Texas, and is part of the Mister Car Wash franchise system. The company’s headquarters are located in Tucson, Arizona, and it has over 250 sites throughout 21 states.

Mister Car Wash has stuck to a quick-adoption concept and has grown to 260 locations. More than 8,000 individuals work at Mister Car Wash’s network of 266 car washes and 33 lube shops owned and managed by the firm across the United States.

Founded in 1969, it has been devoted to serving its customers and providing them with the best possible vehicle washes. As a result, Mister Car Wash is working hard to bring in more customers to preserve its place at the top of the best car wash rankings. A survey is accessible at for both regular and prospective new customers as a result of this.


You should now have all the information you need to complete the Mister Car Wash Customer Satisfaction Survey. However, if you still have questions about the survey, you can leave a comment in the box provided below if you think it would be helpful to others. FAQs

  • Is it possible to participate in the Mister Car Wash if I don’t have a receipt?

Answer: Yes! You don’t need a receipt to participate in the Mister Car Wash survey.

  • What if Mister Car Wash is preventing me from accessing the website?

Answer: If you are presently situated outside of the United States, you will not be able to view the survey page. Using a virtual private network (VPN) may help if you’re encountering problems (VPN).

  • My input into TellMister is being ignored?

Answer: Alternately, you might try a new web browser or update the one you’re currently using.

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