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Tellmellow – The Tell Mellow staff of The Mellow Mushroom Company conducts online customer satisfaction surveys available at


In an effort to better meet the needs of our clientele, we often conduct customer surveys, and we value the opinions of those who participate. We want to show our gratitude, so here’s a $5 coupon.

The Proper Way to Take Mellow Survey

Please visit The next form asks for the 16-digit number printed on your bill. Please help us improve our services by taking a few minutes to fill out this quick survey on your most recent interaction with us. Do me a favor and fill me in on your recent trip to the Land of the Mushrooms.

Kindly enter your email and give us your candid responses to the following questions. In order to participate, responses must be provided via the online survey site. You may save money on your next Mellow Mushroom order if you follow the directions to a T.

Tellmellow win

Gains and Honors

You can earn a validation coupon for $5 off your next stay or meal, among other rewards, if you take part in the survey.

Tellmellow win rewards

Rules and Regulation of Tellmellow

Guidelines Mellow Mushroom has established rules that all voters must abide by to ensure the poll’s legitimacy and impartiality.

  • Guidelines Participants must have access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone that satisfies the minimum system requirements in order to take part in the survey.
  • This poll requires a recent receipt or offer card to participate.
  • Registration requires full names, country of birth, and citizenship status.
  • Participating in this poll requires a high level of remembering skills.
  • Participants must also be of legal writing age and exhibit proficiency in the English language.
  • Make sure your responses show that you have given each possibility equal weight and that you have reached your conclusions objectively.
  • Due to the company’s respect for its customers’ time, the survey may be completed in about two minutes. You must be 18 or older to participate in this poll.
  • A non-citizen cannot vote in this survey. Those who should be present to celebrate your good fortune with you cannot.
  • The publication of erroneous information regarding this poll might have devastating consequences. Your Mellow Mushroom coupon is good for a single visit.

Tellmellow Survey

About Mellow Survey Company

Without exaggeration, this Atlanta, Georgia-based firm is the most vocal advocate for the state’s business community.

Famous dishes include pizza, grinders, lettuce, calzones, and even introductions. Ninety percent of its revenue comes from around 150 locations.

Customers who have completed a survey on a service they received are encouraged to share their opinions. The development of our business depends on the opinions of our customers.

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Conclusion of Mellow Survey

You may stop reading now if you don’t need any more explanation. Mellow Mushroom is conducting an online survey and would appreciate your honest responses.

You could get a coupon code in return for providing feedback on your most recent purchase and your time. To get a voucher for a free or reduced lunch on your next visit, please complete out the following survey.

FAQs for Tellmellow

  • Question – Where can I submit my information to win a gift certificate to the Mellow Mushroom?

Answer – Mellow Mushrooms is open to everyone with an email and a password. Next, take the survey to get a discount voucher for Mellow Mushroom.

  • Question – What is the cutoff date for Mellow Mushroom coupons?

Answer – Mellow Mushroom offers free pizza in exchange for your time and feedback on a short survey. If, after 30 days, you are still interested in receiving the certificate for this fantastic mushroom restaurant, please complete the following survey.

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